What we offer:



Premium Dentures

  • Ivoclar ProBase acrylic and Portrait IPN standard.

  • Excellent aesthetics and durability.


  • Same great acrylic and teeth.

  • Separate price points for spans of up to 3, 8, or 12 teeth.

Valplast & Metal Partials

  • Valplast partials are extremely flexible and comfortable.

  • We are proud to offer Vitallium 2000 metal partials.


  • Full Zirconia, or metal/acrylic hybrid available.

  • Screw-retained, implant supported bridges look great, prevent bone loss, and can be removed by the dentist for maintenance & cleaning.

Night Guards

  • Hard night guards.

  • Hard/Soft night guards.

  • Splints, NTI, clear retainers all available.

Mouth Guards

  • Mouth guards available in multiple patterns and colors.

  • Mouth guards available in light, medium, heavy.

  • Custom decals available.


  • Retainers

  • Hawley, Herbst, Kois appliances

  • TAP III sleep apnea devices

  • Palatal expanders, space maintainers

Additional Services Available

  • Custom tray

  • Wax rim

  • Repair/Reline

  • Bleach tray

Zirconia C&B, low translucency

(1250 Mpa / 45% Translucency)

  • Full controur Zirconia with good aesthetics.

  • Indications: Single posteriors and long span bridges. Patients with bruxism.

Zirconia C&B, high translucency

(850 Mpa / 50% Translucency)

  • Full contour, multi-layered Zirconia with great aesthetics. 

  • Indications: Single full coverage crowns, short-span and anterior bridges, as well as inlays/onlays.

Hand-stacked Metal/Zirconia C&B

0 - 100% Translucency

  • Hand stacking porcelain offers the most customization of shade, stain and characterization possible.

  • Indications: Anterior and posterior crowns and bridges, highly demanding, unique cases where the most shade customization is required, blocking out dark stump shades.

e.Max, milled

(530 Mpa / low, med, high translucency)

  • Lithium disilicate - it combines excellent strength and aesthetics for the most natural look.

  • Indications: Full contour crowns, anterior bridges, Ultra-thin minimal prep or no prep veneers, inlays and onlays.

Custom Abutments

Zirconia, Titanium, or Gold-hued Ti

  • We design custom abutments on all major implant systems. Custom abutments lend more support to crowns and bridges, lessening the chance of failure.

PMMA Temporary C&B

Solid shade, or Multi-layered

  • Ideal for aesthetic cases, our temps combine patient comfort and doctor-patient-lab communication and customization to raise your cases to the next level.

Additional Services Available

*For any service not listed, please call.

  • All-on-Four

  • Diagnostic waxup

  • Full-gold C&B

  • Custom shade taken